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Hi, I'm Jennifer. Welcome to my world!  I'm a full-time adventure seeker, artist, social media consultant, health coach, musician, photographer and model. Lots of hypenates? Yes.  Do I have lots of interests?  You bet.  I've got the travel bug BIG TIME, so I satisfy my many interests by merging my wanderlust with my work.  I'm a long time retro-nerd; that means I'm a "mod girl" from the '60's trapped in a 20-something woman's body. I'm super passionate about animals, beauty in nature, music, food, nice people and living life to its fullest.  


This is the place I'll share all of my art, projects, travels and experiences with you.  Check out my pictures, art & blog and tell me what you think! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates. You never know where I might pop up next!


If you're a happy person who loves to discover the art in life, then come explore my world with me.


We'll both be glad you did!

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